Private Party Frequently Asked Questions

What is minimum amount of people for party?

We ask that there be at least six people attend a party (host + 5 guests).

Can there be alcohol at the party?

Yes, however we ask that anyone receiving treatment not drink until after they sign the consent form.

If you or a guest has had too much to drink before treatment, we reserve the right to refuse to inject for safety reasons.

Additionally, alcohol can thin the blood and exaggerate the bruising effects that can occur with botox or filler injections. While this won’t effect long-term effects of botox or fillers, we recommend waiting until after your treatment to begin drinking.

Can I host a party somewhere other than my home?

Yes. We are flexible about where we can go. Some ideas for other locations are spa, private club, or private room at a restaurant. Please just clear it with the venue ahead of time to make sure they don’t have any issue with it. You can even host a party at our office after hours!

How do I make the most of my party?

We’ve seen successful parties where other beauty services like hair, massages, and makeup artists have been involved. You can make a themed party, or just invite us to come over and do the treatments. While we like to have fun, we always stress that we are there to perform treatments on you and your guests, and ask that the entertaining be left up to you.

Our Policies

We ask that a host give us a definitive time that we can begin treatment. We will arrive 30 minutes ahead of when treatments will begin to set up.

We ask that a host provide us a quiet room with a comfortable chair for anyone receiving treatment to sit.

We ask that any pets be kept out of the room where we’re performing treatment.

We ask that anyone receiving treatment turn off their cell phones, so to minimize distractions during treatment.